Lorwen C. Nagle
Contemporary Impressionist – Symbolist Paintings


2 Aug 2019 - 31 Aug 2019 Kennedy Gallery Solo Show Category: Show/Exhibit Price: Free Event Website: http://kennedygalleryandframeshop.com Venue: 41 Market Street, Portsmouth, NH, USA Reception: 2 Aug 2019

Kennedy Gallery and Custom Framing
41 Market Street
Portsmouth, NH 03801
(603) 436-7007

Contact: Wendy Clement

Lorwen (Connie ) Nagle

Throughout the month of August, Kennedy Gallery will present The Littoral Zone, a series of plein air oil paintings by local artist Lorwen “Connie” Nagle. Included in this exhibit are paintings of the coastal shoreline, estuaries and wetlands surrounding the Piscataqua River, Portsmouth , and the Atlantic Ocean.

An artist as well as a psychologist, Lorwen focuses on the interplay of the seen and the unseen within the tidal areas, drawing parallels in her art between that dynamic and the constant interaction between our conscious and unconscious self. “We are , like the shoreline, moment by moment remaking ourselves.”

Please join us for an Opening Reception on Friday, August 2, from 5-8 pm in conjunction with the monthly Art Round Town Gallery Walk.
17 Oct 2019 - 19 Oct 2019 Plein Air Color Workshop Category: Workshop/Class Price: 350.00 Venue: Cape Ann, Rockport, MA, USA
Join us for this intensive 3-day workshop.   You'll find a dramatic change in the way you develop your outdoor paintings!

 Sign up now!

When: October 17-19, 2019

Where: Various Cape Ann Locations, 10-3 pm

With: David Curtis and Lorwen Connie Nagle

Tuition:  $350.

To sign up, or request further information please call

(978) 283-4135, or email lorwenpaintings@gmail.com, davidpcurtis@comcast.net

or leave a message on my website.  You may visit the webpage davidpcurtis.com too!

Past Events

19 Jun 2019 - 21 Jun 2019 Sight & Insight Plein Air Design Workshop Category: Workshop/Class Price: 350.00 Event Website: http://davidpcurtis.com Venue: Gloucester, MA, USA
"Stories to be told", oil, 12 X 24, Lorwen C. Nagle
1 Jul 2018 - 29 Jul 2018 Newest work at Ceres Bakery Category: Show/Exhibit
30 Sep 2017 - 1 Oct 2017 Sight & Insight Art Exhibition Category: Show/Exhibit Price: Free Venue: Kittery Point, Kittery, ME, United States Reception: 30 Sep 2017
26 Nov 2016 - 27 Nov 2016 Open Studio Thanksgiving Weekend 2016 Category: Show/Exhibit Venue: ART ON THE HILL, 78 Government Street, Kittery, Maine
My studio located in Art On the Hill will be open Thanksgiving Weekend.
Come by and see my new work.
78 Government Street
Kittery Maine
Saturday, Nov. 26th, 10am – 5pm
Sunday, Nov. 27th 10am – 5pm
More information at: http://www.artonthehillkittery.com/art-on-the-hill-2016.html
2 Sep 2016 - 23 Sep 2016 Seacoast Impressions Category: Show/Exhibit Venue: Kennedy Galleries, Market Street, Portsmouth, NH Reception: 2 Sep 2016
Tommy Heinsohn is a retired American professional basketball player. He has been associated with the Boston Celtics of the National Basketball Association (NBA) for six decades as a player, coach and broadcaster. He played for the Celtics until 1965, and also coached the team.
He has been granted Hall of Fame Status for his success as a player. He has also been inducted into the Hall of Fame as a Coach, and …a wonderful oil painter!
These two good friends have been painting scenes of the Maine/ New Hampshire seacoast ALL SUMMER!
7 Jun 2015 Plein Air Landscapes - Telling the Difference Between Good and Bad Compositions Category: Show/Exhibit Price: Free Venue: Lorwen Paintings Gallery at the Kittery Community Center from 12-3 pm.
Sunday, June 7th, 2015, we will have another free art event at Lorwen Paintings Gallery at the Kittery Community Center from 12-3 pm.

This week Lorwen Nagle will discuss outdoor compositions and learning to see.  She will begin by examining some of her en plein air landscapes for good/bad compositional elements.  Then, she will show participants how to get started painting a picture outdoors; the use of the “rule of thirds”, the golden mean and other ways to divide the canvas in relation to the natural outdoor scene.  If you have an outdoor composition that you would like critiqued, please bring it along to be viewed and discussed.  Join us for another great time at Lorwen Paintings Gallery!
31 May 2015 - 20 Sep 2015 Join Us For Our Free 2015 Summer Art Demonstrations and Classes Category: Show/Exhibit Venue: New England
On May 31, 2015, we will be kicking off our weekly summer series of demonstrations, talks and classes with master landscape artist David P. Curtis. It’s such a treat to have David begin our series of events, which will all be geared to exploring, experiencing and appreciating how art enriches our lives.

David Curtis has been teaching plein air painting classes on Cape Ann and all over New England, since 1993. His demonstration this Sunday, May 31st, on outdoor painting will help attendees understand the effect of lighting and values on the quality of a landscape painting.
Curtis, with whom I have studied is a master at showing painters how to see, which is especially important for outdoor painters. According to Curtis, ”The study of light and shade – in order to paint an impression of the visual world – began in the 15th-century with Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) and his theories have provided the scientific foundation for understanding natural vision ever since.” You can view David’s paintings at his website.
If you have been curious about how a plein air painter views life and translates that experience on canvas, you don’t want to miss this event. Also, seasoned painters may pick up a few tips that they can use to enhance their paintings.

Throughout the summer we will have demonstrations from other talented plein air painters in the New England area plus “come meet the artist” events. We also will be inviting known curators from the Boston area to talk about the history of American Impressionism. Additionally, we will have a childrens art sessions.

The summer series, will begin May 31, 2015 and occur on Sundays from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm until September 20, 2015. Please note due to previous scheduling the gallery will be closed June 14, 2015 and June 21, 2015.

Lorwen Paintings Gallery is located in the Kittery Community Center, East Wing, Rm A103. Click here for a map and to get directions. We look forward to seeing you!
1 Mar 2015 - 31 Mar 2015 Plein Air Art Show at Ceres Bakery in Portsmouth, NH Category: Show/Exhibit Venue: Ceres Bakery, 51 Penhallow Street, Portsmouth, NH 03801
Maine artist Lorwen Nagle has a Plein Air exhibition at Ceres Bakery, on display throughout the month of March 2015. The show has already received many rave reviews.

On display are 15 En Plein Air paintings of the New England area. The welcoming atmosphere at Ceres Bakery and quaint colonial dining area naturally leads you to imagine how Nagel’s skillful pieces will look on your wall.

Ceres Bakery is located at 51 Penhallow Street, Portsmouth, NH 03801. The bakery is open M-F 7am-5pm and Sat. & Sun 7am- 4pm. If you are in the area stop by the bakery and enjoy one of their many scrumptious treats.
6 Dec 2014 Holiday Open Studio Category: Show/Exhibit Venue: Kittery, ME, United States
On Display A Study of Clouds and Other Works

In New England there is a saying, “if you don’t like the weather, wait awhile, it will change!” And, that is so true. As an en plein air landscape painter I am out in the weather all day. In a day, I may experience stormy cloud accumulation at mid morning and bright sunshine in the afternoon.  This past summer I became fascinated with the cloud patterns, growing storms over the marshlands and light and shadows that the clouds reflected on the land. Cloud patterns and shadows became a serious study for me and at the close of this year I am struck by the number of paintings of clouds. It’s an endless fascination to me.

If you are in the vicinity of Lorwen Paintings Gallery in Kittery, Maine stop by the gallery this weekend. I’ve had a very productive year painting and have enjoyed incorporating some new techniques. Plus, I will have several paintings marked for clearance. Click here for to get directions.