Lorwen C. Nagle
Contemporary Impressionist – Symbolist Paintings


(posted on 19 Mar 2019)

When we paint outdoors the important thing is to stay loose and relaxed!!! The more we can play when we are painting the better off we will be.  Playing has no goal that brings it to an end; instead, it renews itself in constant repetition like nature- thus, mimicking nature and its ways.  H. Speed, who wrote the classic books on painting and drawing, calls it "dithering".  And, he says it's extremely important for the success of an oil painting.  He also says that this dithering or playing relates to the feeling aspect of the painting.  Just rifting off the word "play" we might say that paintings have "lay of light" or they may exhibit the "play of forces" or the "play of waves".  In all these metaphors there is the to-and-fro movement that is not tied to anything.  If you are painting a field of flowers you would dash in a series of dots and dashes in a playful random way and as you continue to complete the piece you can see if some need to be removed.  BUT PLAY AND EDIT LATER!!!